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Win The Morning WIN The Day

The quality of your mornings and evenings, in large measure & determines how well you're doing in life and how good your day will go. Optimize anytime you can get

Your first one minute when you wake, just chill and enjoy. Let your brain and mind wake in a positive way…

Not going so good? Then...Do a fake smile till you find something to smile about.

Any negative thoughts you have… Tell them to leave.. Actually. You don't need them and they don't serve you. If you keep having them, then you're blowing out, you're not present, you're stuck in your head, not body… next best option, just get up and move, maybe put on the running shoes.

REFLECTION/VISUALISE pictures on your wall or in your diary, or just visualise your future self. The more you do this them more you will start to realise you can get it and deserve it like people you look up to. You deser

ve everything the world has to offer. You just need to remember that you can get it too.

MEDITATE Ever give your body a rest? What about your mind? The practice allows the ability to override your ingrained neural pathways (google this is you don't know what they are). Meditation allows the mind to balance, to be able to see beyond the walls of outdated patterns from your past. Meditation allows your presence to rise and manage that overthinking monkey brain so many of us have. Even if you just take 1-5 mins to close your eyes and try to reduce your thoughts and just feel your body and see what happens. Suggested to try a few times a week and anytime during the day… Don't let me tell you about this.. Google how many top performers around the world actually do this weekly.

GRATITUDE Gratitude to some is seen as their highest source of power. Remember what's important and look at the amazing things already around you. (Try the 5 Minute Journal app)

WRITE Write down or repeat in your head three things that made you happy last 24 hours. Get specific. T

his will replay the happiness in your head helping strengthen the neural pathways till it becomes automatic all day.

Your subconscious mind works continuously, while you are awake, and while you sleep.” so when you wake and write something, it will help unravel any problems you figured out while being asleep

READ More than just pictures.

COLD SHOWER Turn the shower to cold or whatever you can handle before you get out. It’s a method a lot of high-performance people use. It will stabilise your body and wake you up. Just another positive step getting your day started in a positive way.


PRETEND everything went perfectly. What was the best thing that happened that day?

WHAT I LEARNT Write down or think of something

you learnt that day.

BEST THING that happened, hold it, focus on it, let it make you smile and will allow you to expect good things to happen.

MESSAGE a friend or send out good vibes to someone. It will make you feel a better person for doing so.

THINK about your next day Just think about it, your subconscious will work on it while you sleep.

Thomas Edison has said, “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.”

WRITE The power of writing is incredible. I’ll let you work this out why

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