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If you don't control your thoughts, then you can't control your needs SLLS Stop, Look, Listen, Smell (best to use a breathing technique here too) STOP Smile, Touch, One Breath, Presence. - Get out of your head and into the moment and trying to remember you're alive - One Trillion to one you became a human. Keep in mind how unique you are. SQUEEZE FEEL HEAL Squeeze your fist, feel the issue in the body, not your head, then release it out of your body when you exhale. THINKING OR FEELING Pleasant /mutual/unpleasant? Try to categorize it, box it up then put it away. It's a river of response. Does this thinking serve me? A river of response is your old way of thinking, the one you're trying to break free from if it's not serving you. So break the thoughts down. Whos winning, the thoughts or you? WRITING This is one of the best ways to get what's in your head out of it and to help calm as when you write it reduces the strength of the problem. Not only that, when you write, you feel like you have achieved something when done. ENJOYMENT Gym, call a friend, Ted talks, nature, sauna, writing, swim, walk… Accept your not on your game and just give yourself the time it needs, you don't have to fight it. Patients will also help reduce the moment. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. GRATITUDE/VISUALISE The struggle ends when the gratitude begins. Both abundance and lack of it exists simultaneously as parallel realities. It's your conscious choice what garden you water. Speak of how good things are and people around you. You will then see the abundance around you and is your advocate. One Trillion to one is the chance you had to be born a human. QUESTION YOURSELF Often in life, the most important question we can ask ourselves is, do we really have the problem we think we have? What's the actual problem? Is what I'm thinking even true? Ask why, why, why, then the problem will weaken with each why you answer. Might help to write it down. BREATH Learn three breathing techniques and apply. The breath is the core of everything. Breathe heavily in and out through your mouth over and over. This breathing technique will refresh your body and help energise you. 20% Efficiency When you're lying in bed overthinking and can't sleep or even during the day when you're having a meltdown, just remember your brain has gone into overdrive and not in control. It's working at about 20% efficiency. This means, don't waste your time listening to it. It's going to make up stories and get all the facts wrong. You know when you wake up in the morning 80% of your thinking will be incorrect from the night before. REMEMBER TEMPORARY The concept I'm referring to is the practice of recognizing, in a given situation, that things could be worse and acknowledging that everything we experience is temporary, both our joys and our pain. Nothing stays the same. WATCH A COMEDY Or just get out the Netflix… Shut off. I often don't give myself that time, but when you do, it can be super satisfying and relaxing.

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