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  • Learn to say no - Get more time back in your life. Don't be the victim of doing shit you don't want to do

  • Turn the shower to cold before you get out.

  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself you love you, or why you think you're awesome.

  • Listen to podcasts when working out.

  • Give 10% extra to people/situations that make you feel good. Your soul is telling you to. Listen to it.

  • Get accountability partners for goals. Just tell someone to check in on you.

  • Get a mentor in all areas of life Business, Personal, inspiration, Family, relationships.

  • When you're trying to make a decision, check what state you're in? Tired, stressed… as you might not be in best space to make that decision.

  • No is a complete sentence.

  • Numbers are just numbers. E.g how long your sleep, do 10 of these… don't get caught up in the numbers too much. If you lost an hour of sleep one night, you will get over it right.. Choose your number, don't let it choose you.

  • Two ears one mouth. Catch yourself when you talk too much, how you meant to learn when you're talking. They say whoever talks the most losses. It takes time but so powerful when you own your reactive state. Be a boss.

  • Does what I'm going to do, think, post on social media, feel.. align with my values? reflect on these words first or in time of confusion.

  • Write a letter to money like it was a person. Give it everything. Then break those everything's down and find out the core issues.

  • Act on what excites you - excitement is synonymous with the emotions happiness, passion, joy. Happiness is not something you postpone.

  • You don't know what you don't know.

  • We have the power to create a reason for our thinking and decisions.

  • Take responsibility for your internal state.

  • Your brain has a cellular memory at a physics level. Every action is remembered there. So don't think the small things don't count. Your cheating yourself.

  • Change the word should to, I must, when you want to change something. Something only is long term until it becomes your identity and the standard as to how you live. So raise your standards.

  • Fast track your learning. Compress decades into days. Learn from others.

  • The secret to living is giving. You will experience the ultimate victory of life, a life of meaning and joy.

  • 80% of success in anything is psychology and only 20% is mechanics. Most people know how to do it, but they don't because it's not in sync with their goals.

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