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ONE’s AND TWO’s When something small and positive happens hold onto that for a little bit longer in your mind. The 1’s and 2’s are small everyday things. e.g a smile, someone letting you in front of a cue, random kindness.. It's said that if you ever get a sense of real peace or joy from a person or situation throughout the day give that ‘thing’ 10% more. This is your calling. Listen to what your energy/body is telling you. This is called being conscious when you pick up on these things. Am I good at it? Heeeelllll no, but I'm getting there and I'm 200% better than I was two-three years ago...

BE KIND and SMILE Do more, give more, pick up that sign that's fallen over, or smile and say have a good day to more people, call someone a champion instead of there name, tip that 20 cents... Again this tells the brain your loving life more. Good Vibes Only Welcome.

ENERGY Give your energy to the feeling, not the thinking. The brain is a stimulator, the prefrontal cortex makes up stories ‘scripts’ like a trailer for a movie. Stories are all projected from the mind. The real story is real to the perceiver, there are infinite ways something is perceived, usually based upon the person’s past, which is always filtered by that person already at the time it happened, so in essence, they are all made up. The real feeling of the moment comes from inside the body/heart, not the head. This is also where your instinct/intuition comes from.

INSTINCT is the operations of our past, patterns of survival and sometimes it can be fear. i.e the instincts of an animal (the reptilian brain), in a ‘frame or box’ and beyond that fear lies the intuition which is a fresh new approach beyond those survival mechanics. In conclusion, feeling allows the process of the past to move away and clarity arise. Instinct.

LABEL your thinking. e.g ok so what I’m thinking is a sad thought, it’s a lonely feeling, missing someone, feeling of not being liked, its anger, it’s… this way you can understand it better and it will weaken the more you understand it.

INACTION breeds doubt and fear, action breeds confidence and courage. So get out of the ‘building’

DO SOMETHING that scares you every day. Elevated risk makes you feel more alive and puts you in a state of flow and can lead to an optimal continuous state and apathy. You can't appreciate joy if you haven't felt sorrow.

NO PERSON is free until he learns to do his own thinking and gains the courage to act on his own. ‘I believe you can speak things into existence’ Jay z

BLANK CANVAS Be open to advice, speak last, listen first. This also allows you to reframe your opinion/advice based on other peoples insights.

EXPECTATIONS don't have any from other people. Then you can't be let down. The release of expectation allows the freedom to just be, this also allows for the expectations that we put on ourselves to fall away in turn, allowing a lighter life experience. ‘Then they can’t let you down, is never possible as you are only the person that allows that to happen - no one can do that to you

EACH DAY if you can sincerely feel like you've given something of value to those around you. I can promise you you'll experience the ultimate victory of life. A life of meaning and joy.

NO ONE can make you think a certain way. It’s all about the way you interpret their behaviour. Your perception is a story you're making up in your head. It's your reading of a situation. Judgment comes from non-constructive comparison and negative emotion—observation doesn’t.

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