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A little context

I have always wanted and somewhat felt the need to share some of my life story, as over the years the 100's of conversations I have had with people the more I see certain similarities.. We all feel pain and stress over our lives but we dont all know how to deal with it, or let alone realise it is even a problem?!...

4 times a year, for the last 15 years, I get a text or call from my mum or sister reminding me it would have been dad or my brother Sam's birthday or anniversary of their passing... Every year that text effects me in a different way..I can't tell you how many times I try to unread that text every time I get it though...

After moving to Sydney late 2016 from NZ, and loving every moment, I started to feel more at peace with my body and mind.. These positive changes combined with my emotions on my late Brothers Birthday then turned into me writing the below post.

From having over 1000 likes, over 200 comments, and countless inbox messages including about 10 admitting to shedding tears in public places, it showed how many hearts it opened and emotions it trigged from inside the reader's feelings... It's funny what being shameless and authentic can bring into your world...but how do you live in that world more often?...

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