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Forever known as 'the ideas man', a jack of all trades, the 'doer'.


Driven by innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, sustainability and a growth mindset, Ben is deeply passionate about business, property, start-ups and collaborating with like-minded people and companies, and developing fresh and innovative solutions.


Business ventures

Ben has spent 15+ years working with and building his own businesses and startups within the property, technology, artificial intelligence, eCommerce, and retail sectors. 

His early career began in sales, and has held various national sales/partnership and operation roles which provided him with a baseline of on-the-ground experience, opportunities, and networks.


From starting his first business at 18, there have been plenty of failures and successes across many industries, Ben now specializes in 'startup' business operations, strategy, sales and management — nurturing his various businesses and collaborating with new ventures across many industries.

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Aquaria was born from a passion and need to modernise and revolutionise our water supply. Our range of atmospheric water generators provide a sustainable  solution — not relying on underground water resources or ageing or expensive infrastructures.

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Eyes of AI helps thousands of dental practitioners worldwide by streamlining their imaging requirements with the power of artificial intelligence — saving clinicians precious time, money and enables exceptional clinical insights.

Having extensive experience across various industries including property, contracting, retail and other businesses,  All-Pro is a niche project management and consultancy arm providing a range of solutions, support and strategies for various short term projects.  

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Hangii is the ultimate laundry and clothes drying solution that you don’t want to tuck away in the closet. Created with the user in mind, Hangii is compact, practical and beautifully designed.

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Untitled is a fine jewellery label by a contemporary New Zealand designer.  Shipped around the globe, the collection of statement rings are daring and unique with art deco nuances that hint on bygone era.

Academy of Entrepreneurs has partnered with 20,000 successful entrepreneurs to create and deliver practical entrepreneurship programs that are delivered around the world. 

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Always interested in opportunities, Ben has invested in a number of businesses and funds, particularly within the technology, startup and crypto space.

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Property development has always been a key interest. Now into our third project in Sydney, we are building new townhouses, with current projects underway in Shellharbour, South of Wollongong. 


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